About Us

Dear FMSite

FMS Alumni Association (FMSAA) was registered on 6th January, 1998 as a body of graduates of all long term programmes of Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, popularly known as FMS, Delhi. Since inception, the Association has played a key role in various activities of its alma mater and its membership has grown from year to year. The Association at present has strength of 5452 Life Members (including Associate Members) and maintains a database of over 8400 FMS graduates. The Association has graduates of all FMS programmes, such as MBA(Full-Time), MBA(Management of Services), MBA(Part-Time), MBA(Health Care Administration), MBA-Executive(Part-Time), MBA-Executive(Part-Time) Health Care Administration, CCOSW, MBA (Public Systems Management), Diploma in Personnel Management, Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management, Diploma in Administrative Management and PhD programmes as its members. Its website has been very effective in facilitating a two way communication between various stakeholders and corporate world.

The Association functions through a duly elected 26 member Executive Committee with Dean-FMS as its Patron. A Corpus Fund Management Committee duly nominated by the AGM oversees the proper management of the Corpus Fund of the Association.

The Association Newsletter 'FOOTPRINTS' is published on a regular basis and keeps all the members informed about the happenings on the FMS Campus. Various cultural activities and family picnics organized by the Association engage the families of the members. These events in the past have witnessed the presence of renowned poets and artists from musical world.

FMSAA organizes alumni chapter get-togethers at major centers such as Dubai, Singapore, London, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The interest and participation of alumni in all these chapter events has been growing over the years and members in all these centers look forward to these FMSAA get-togethers. Other activities like Batch Reunions, Annual General Meeting, Cultural Programmes, Family Picnics, and Guest Lectures etc. have been organized from time to time to foster a closer relationship between the students, the faculty and the alumni. The "FMS Student Leadership Award" open to the students of MBA (Full-Time) Programmes has entered its ninth year of execution.

We are grateful to individuals who have made all this possible with their whole hearted support. More specifically, we are grateful to the Dean-FMS, FMS faculty and the alumni. FMS students deserve a special acknowledgement without whose enthusiasm and dedication, these activities could not have been successfully accomplished. We look forward to your enhanced support, guidance and motivation in all our future endeavours.

With Best Wishes!
FMSAA-Executive Committee